Elder Scrolls Skills

In the Elder Scrolls system, skills act as a way of categorizing both powers and features. Powers and features are both referred to as talents. Most talents have a set of prerequisites and a cost associated with them Talents with no cost are acquired automatically when the prerequisites are met. If there are also no prerequisites, they are gained automatically.

Warrior Skills

  • Duelist – Used when attacking using one or two one-handed melee weapon and no shield.
  • Knight – Used when attacking using a single melee weapons and a shield.
  • Berserker – Used when attacking using a two handed sword, axe, flail or maul.
  • Soldier – Used when attacking using a polearm or spear.
  • Athletics – Used when trying defend against attacks.
  • Smithing – Used to create equipment and keep it in its best condition.

Thief Skills

  • Sneak – Used when you’re trying to avoid notice.
  • Security – Used to bypass traps and locks.
  • Speechcraft – Used when dealing with other people.
  • Marksmanship – Used to shoot arrows and hit with thrown weapons.
  • Assassin – Used to protect yourself while wearing light armor.
  • Alchemy – Used to create poisons and potions out of natural ingredients.

Mage Skills

  • Destruction – Used to freeze, fry or shock opponents.
  • Restoration – Used to heal, fortify and absorb strength, energy, and vitality.
  • Conjuration – Used to summon and control daedra, elementals, and the undead.
  • Illusion – Used to trick the mind and senses.
  • Alteration – Used to change the laws of physics.
  • Enchantment – Used to imbue objects with magic.

Elder Scrolls Skills

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