Features are descriptions of passive aspects of your character. Some features modify powers, some describe your speed or resilience, and others grant access to wealth, beauty, status and other social tools.


Speed is the most fundamental feature. Movement powers frequently make reference to speed. Speed is typically a number associated with a type of movement. The most basic speeds are ground, swim, climb, fly, and burrow. Any time a power allows you to move your speed it is a move action.

Beauty, Reputation and Rank

If the GM is intending on including a significant amount of role playing, Beauty, Reputation and Rank may be offered as features. These grant equipment bonuses in social situations. It is between the GM and players to decide whether one or more of these can be brought to bear in a given situation.


Resistance is a passive method of defense. All Resistance features are accompanied by how much resistance the grant and to what. The numeric portion of the resistance feature indicates how many dice are subtracted from pools when the resistance would apply. The resistance works against a specific subset of attacks — like charm, fire, or melee. Some of these resistances may be derived from ability scores as the GM sees fit. Others may stem from a choice of race or may be purchased features. Finally, some powers grant resistance to characters as well. If multiple resistances apply to the same attack, use the largest of them.


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