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Ersatz has been conceived as a way of dealing with a few problems that face me as a GM. Namely, my dissatisfaction with various aspects of essentially every system I’ve played with. I don’t like D&D’s leveling system. I don’t like the endless layers of complexity in GURPs. I don’t like WoD books. I don’t like the narrow focus of D&D or the WoD systems (they are very setting specific). I’ve wanted a simple, straightforward game system that’s easy to learn, easy to DM and yet flexible enough to capture any setting or any character.

That being said, this system has its own drawbacks. They’re just drawbacks that I don’t mind. I don’t expect this to be the end-all be-all system. I don’t want it to be everything to everybody. I’m designing it for myself and my friends. I’m placing it here in a public place so that others with my taste can benefit from my efforts.

I welcome criticisms, suggestions, and any other feedback that you might see fit to share. I also encourage anyone who reads this to try making their own version of Ersatz for their setting. If you do, please let me know! If you get wildly rich and famous, I’m sure we can come to an amicable agreement for my compensation ;-).

The following bullets explain the basis of the rules system. I’ve made mods for two different famous settings as an example (The Elder Scrolls and Star Wars). Specifics of these mods are linked to below and within the articles about that portion of the rules.

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Main Page

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