A power describes, hopefully succinctly, what a character can do. Powers frequently make use of skills to determine randomized outcomes of their use. They may also reference other features, exhaust resources, etc.

Power Descriptions

Each power has a block of descriptive texts to explain what it allows the character to do. The powers are generally formated into a single column table, but this is just to make the description more digestible.

Each row in the table indicates a group of rules about the power that can/should be executed roughly simultaneously. The power gets executed as you go from top to bottom. So if an entry above the description of the test results grants a bonus to the skill you use, then you get the bonus when rolling for the test. If that entry appears lower down, then you don’t.

Gaining New Powers

Powers will each be assigned a point cost. Many powers will have one or more prerequisites. A general rule of thumb for DMs is to make the power cost equal to the number of prerequisites the power has and to count skill prerequisites as the level of the skill required. For example, if a power requires Scuba 2 and Rifles 1, then the cost of the power would be 3. If a power requires that the character is an android and has Subterfuge 3, then the cost of the power is 4. However, this is just a rule of thumb. Its generally best to make the cost of a skill be equal to its relative power.


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